Annual Report 2016 | Nasher Teens
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Nasher Teens

New this year, the Nasher Teen Council is a group of Durham high school students who meet monthly for conversations in the galleries, art-making, and to connect with contemporary artists, museum professionals, and the Durham community.


In this year, the teen council worked with local artists to explore the concept of impact by looking at art in the collection, discussing relevant social issues, and making art together. They also planned IMPACT! the Nasher’s first Teen Night, attended by nearly 300 students from across the triangle. Teens collaborated with local artists William Paul Thomas, Stacy Lynn Waddell, Harrison Haynes and Erin Oliver. Local teen bands performed alongside Northern High School’s Spoken Word group and Hillside High School’s step team.


Interested in learning more about the Nasher Teen Council? Check out upcoming Nasher Teens workshops and on Instagram @nasherteens.

Photos by J Caldwell