Annual Report 2016 | Academic Programs
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Academic Programs

The Nasher Museum is an interdisciplinary laboratory where students and scholars can increase critical visual literacy and test knowledge by applying it to visual evidence. Our academic program staff works one on one with faculty to design visits to exhibitions and collections in storage and to create lesson plans, assignments and installations that complement courses.

At the Nasher Museum, Duke students earn credit or pay through internships; lead public school groups and adult visitors through interactive, conversation-based tours; serve on Nasher MUSE; work at the museum in visitor services, security, marketing and other positions; volunteer at Family Day events; research paintings, drawings and objects up close in the museum’s study storage areas; and assist faculty in co-organizing exhibitions.


Total visitors (Duke and non-Duke) scheduled through Academic Programs


Total visitors to storage


Total visitors to the galleries


Number of departments and programs bringing classes

Duke Students at the Nasher Museum & around campus #Artstigators

The student advisory board reimagined itself as Nasher MUSE, which stands for Museum Undergraduate Student Exec, over the past year. The board advises the museum on a new membership program for students and other programs to inspire and engage students.

Photos by J Caldwell